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People Are Losing Trust In all Institutions. The signs are everywhere: Americans have lost trust in our institutions. SmartMoney notes that more and more Americans are keeping valuables at home because they have lost trust in banks. Robert Shiller said Monday: Our whole economy has been affected by variations in confidence. Central banks are sort of trusted, but the actions they have often affect people’s confidence by appearance rather than substance. We’re not in the most trusting mood now.” Politicians and finanial institutions are violating a national ethical code on daily basis. How can we restore our National Honesty and our human Integrity? Integrity is a word we use to describe a state of wholeness. For example, when a building is built on a strong foundation with plenty of steel beams and high grade materials to withstand virtually any disaster, we say it is a building of high structural integrity. When a person does everything that is in harmony with who they really are, we say the person is a person of integrity. I tell everyone all the time, “your integrity is the most important thing you have and only you can screw it up. Restoring integrity is a process which adds richness to our life. Honesty will give you more energy for yourself, find effortlessness about achieving the results you want, and attract nicer more fulfilling people (and customers!) in your life who are reliable, empowering, loving and inspiring. Remember ONE word can change your LIFE: Integrity; Two words can Change your Future: ExpectIntegrity

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Integrity is more than just following a strict code of ethics, its about doing the right thing even if no one is looking.

Can you imagine how much better things would be if we all practiced integrity?

Made for The Integrity Initiative, a multi-sectoral campaign towards the re-establishment of acceptable integrity standards among various sectors of society, to celebrate the Integrity Nation Now, a Declration of Integrity, centered around the theme "Building a Nation with Integrity". We are in the midst of an amazingly powerful transformation of human consciousness. In the context of our Internet Development integrity has to do with honoring your word as yourself, and this is achieved by creating an honoring, or empowering context in the use of your “word,” as in honoring your word, as if it were yourself,  and by extension, your thoughts, essentially, about yourself.  Restoring integrity in our outer world, therefore, depends on honoring our word, keeping our promises. As soon as we know we are not going to do what we said, the way we said we would, or the way others expect us to, we communicate, and make a new promise, which we keep. We cannot allow ourselves to simply stand by helplessly letting the catastrophe unfold, to settle for where we seem to have ended up. For those of us that are awake, that are not numb to what is occurring on this Nation, and who have some access, some clarity on how to get there from here, and have a responsibility and willingness to make it happen.

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